Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas Tree Decorations make your tree unique & personalised. Christmas baubles & tree toppers look amazing, accompanied by DYI Xmas decorations. What will your Christmas Tree Decor look like this year? Add some new Christmas baubles from our extensive collection!

The ideal number of baubles on your Christmas Tree

Here at we are proud to bring you a huge selection of Christmas baubles to decorate your tree with. When considering how many baubles you might need for your Xmas tree. Some Christmas decoration experts believe the perfect ratio is between five and ten Christmas baubles per foot on your tree branches. This provides good coverage and overall on a 7.5ft tree, you may need up to 70 Christmas baubles. Of course, this ratio is always down to the people who decorate so if you want to leave room for tinsel.

Colour combinations for Christmas tree decorating

When decorating your Christmas tree with baubles and tree toppers. There are many things you can consider. You can focus on your home's colour scheme and match your Christmas Baubles to that. If your home has warm colours, focus on baubles on colours like gold and deep red. If your home has a more cool colour scheme, you can use Icy Silver or Blue Xmas Baubles. Or you can go with a Traditional festive look and concentrate on Bright, Red, Green and White. The possibilities are always up to you.

Christmas tree decorating trends

When looking at Christmas tree decorating trends over the last few decades. Christmas decoration designers believe that. When it comes to baubles. One of the biggest trends has been "Statement" Christmas Baubles. These are Christmas baubles in a non-traditional design and have become very popular. For a good example on Check out our beautiful range Pine cone Christmas baubles in a number of different colours for a real different bauble. Or even put a statement on a Christmas bauble with our personalize-able baubles that are perfect for your own message or as a gift to friends and family.

Our Christmas Tree baubles

At we are proud to bring you a vast variety of  Christmas decorations that will help you decorate your Christmas tree in style. Check out our huge range of shatterproof Christmas baubles in a variety of solid colours to perfectly match your room and style. For an incredible statement, our range of baubles includes some spectacular gold-accented baubles. Or take a look at our range of spectacular glitter glass Xmas decorations. We are proud to offer all Christmas baubles for sale on our website to help decorate your tree. At we stock a whole host of decorative Christmas Baubles and tree decorations. Find the perfect accompaniment for any Christmas tree or decorative Christmas scene. Buy all your Baubles and Christmas decorations online today. Browse our extensive catalogue below.