Battery Powered Christmas Lights

Take advantage of the latest and greatest Outdoor Christmas Lights that are battery-powered. Our extensive range of battery-powered lights makes Christmas decorating so much fun, and also so much easier to setup. No more cables dangling through windows insecurely! Additionally, many of our battery-powered lights come with timers and different lighting functions.

Why do you need battery powered Christmas lights? is proud to bring you a vast selection of battery powered Christmas Lights. An extremely handy decoration. Modern Christmas lights are made using LED lights for low power usage but bright sparkle and energy efficiency. Our selection of battery powered Christmas lights can also come with timers which allow you to set the time of day they turn on at and not have to worry about turning them off for peace of mind and power saving. Various colours, styles and configurations are available. Our Christmas Lights are hard to beat.

What are the best battery operated Christmas lights?

Our range of battery powered Christmas lights come in many different forms. From traditional twinkle lights to cherry bulbs and even novelty lights like LED stars. We stock many different ranges from around Europe including the Lumineo range of battery-powered Christmas lights. Comprising of many different types. Lumineo Christmas lights come in a variety of sizes from 24 lights to a whopping 368 lights so you can choose the length that you need. For an exceptional variety of Christmas lights, is your one-stop-shop. You're browsing Ireland's very best selection of battery-powered Christmas lights. Enjoy the convenience of battery powered-Christmas lights! Check also Ireland's best range of top quality artificial Christmas trees.