Christmas Lights

Buying Christmas Lights at is a guarantee of huge lights selection, best prices and quality! We want to make decorating & lighting your home or business as easy as possible. We offer the most extensive selection of Indoor & Outdoor Christmas Lights in the Dublin area. From Christmas tree lights, battery powered Xmas lights to outdoor Christmas lights - we've got your Christmas lighting needs covered!

Our Christmas Lights

Christmasland is proud to stock a huge variety of Christmas lights in Ireland. Our lights are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. These Xmas Lights are sure to help make your home, office or store display sparkle. They can be bought online and delivered promptly to your door or collected from our store in Dublin. For Indoor Christmas Lighting we have a huge range of decorative handcrafted light sets to dress up your dinner table, garland, mantlepiece or hallway. Our retro looking Festoon Lighting system is especially popular. For Outdoor Christmas Lights we have LED String Lights, Fairy Lights, and our Snow & Icicle Lights are always a big hit. We also offer top quality Indoor & Outdoor Christmas Battery Powered Lights with built-in timers. These battery operated lights come with multiple lighting options & are very convenient with no messy power cables. Browse our online catalogue of Christmas lighting options now, buy online, and save time and money before the Christmas rush! Check also Ireland's best range of top quality artificial Christmas trees.

How to find perfect lights for your home?

At Christmasland we stock all sorts of Xmas lights, from small batches of novelty Christmas lights to large 3D LED reindeer figured. If you are looking for a perfect set of Christmas lights for the outdoors like the front of your home or Xmas lights for a very large Christmas Tree, we are pleased to stock a range of outdoor LED lights powered by a mains transformer that will brighten up the front of your home. If you are looking for a smaller set of lights that are perfect for shelves, trees and other areas. We stock battery lights that work off a set of batteries that are easy to turn on and off.

Creative use of battery powered Christmas lights

Our range of battery powered lights are a superb choice for those wanting to get creative. With battery Christmas lights, you have the freedom to place your lights wherever you choose. Wrap them around the inside of a glass cabinet for a superb festive glow. Drape them across the mantlepiece for a wonderful festive display. Have an empty wine bottle? Insert a small set of lights for an amazing table piece. With battery lights, you have a superb and flexible set to get creative with however you choose.

Our most popular outdoor Christmas lights

At Christmasland we have many different sets of Xmas lights available to suit your displays. But year after year we have superb standouts that our Customers love. The Durawise Battery Christmas Lights come in a variety of different lightbulb configurations to suit our customer's needs. Our FDL Festoon Xmas lights are another popular choice. Featuring large and bright multicoloured light bulbs that are perfect for outdoor displays. And of course, our amazing 3D LED Reindeer have proved a huge winner year over year.

Make a statement with 3D LED figures

Every year at Christmasland one of our most spectacular and popular products are the 3D LED Christmas Light figures. These LED figures are absolutely stunning and look amazing placed in gardens as part of a complete scene. Our Christmas LED Reindeer are stunning and incredibly popular with our customers. And we are adding more every year. This year you can check out our amazing 3D LED Candy Cane or LED gift boxes. They will look amazing in your garden displays.

Decorating Ideas For Christmas Lights

When placing your Christmas Lights, you want to make the most of your festive lights. With the nature of modern LED Christmas Lights being extremely versatile and battery lights, in particular, being handy to place, you can create some unique placements with Xmas Lights just in your own home. Have some spare jars or empty wine bottles? Insert some Micro LED battery lights for a unique and eye-catching Christmas decoration. Wrap your Christmas lights around staircase bannisters. Place them across the room mirrors for a superb dazzling shine. Holiday lights are perfect with your own decorations and can light up a plain Xmas garland or wreath. With a bit of imagination, you can really make your Christmas lights shine.

How To Decorate Christmas Tree With Lights

Lighting up your plain Christmas tree with your festive lights is easier than you think. The general rule should be 100 Christmas lights for each foot of the tree. If you have a 7.5ft tree you need a pack of 750 Xmas lights. When placing the holiday lights, make sure to evenly space out your lights and not cross the wires to prevent annoying tangling issues. Then step back and have a look at the Xmas tree once they are all set and look for any bare spots you might have missed out, and re-arrange your lights to fill any blank spots in. Making sure your Christmas lights aren't tangled is essential for a real tree. But with artificial Christmas trees, you can even keep the festive lights on the same spot as you put it away and bring it back for next year! Keep in mind the ambience you want to set in your room. If you have a white tree, warm white lights are a wonderful addition to help contrast. If you are looking for a cooler look in the room, cool white lights can help set a brilliant ambience.