Christmas Decorations

Here at we stock an unbeatable range of Christmas decorations from Baubles to Ribbons, Nutcrackers and Christmas Foliage. Drop by our ChristmasLand store in Dublin to check out our extensive collection of beautiful festive decorations - we guarantee that you will find just what you need!

How to decorate Christmas tree with baubles

Christmas decorations are as traditional as Christmas trees themselves. Christmas baubles are a must have for decorating your Christmas tree. Coming in many different varieties of shapes, sizes and colours. Christmas baubles are eye catching and a perfect way to make your Christmas decoration style your own. When decorating your Christmas tree with Christmas baubles. There’s multiple aspects to think about, like how to get the most out of your tree. When thinking about how many Christmas baubles your Christmas tree needs. Typically, you would go by the size of your Christmas tree. A typical 7.5 ft Christmas tree would need 150 baubles. But a 9ft tree would need 250 baubles. You also have to consider the size of Christmas baubles. Expert decorator advice says that you should concentrate your biggest Christmas baubles near the bottom of your tree, then work your way up to the smallest baubles at the top of the tree. Need a hand deciding how to decorate your Christmas tree? Check out our range of collections online. From traditional Christmas gold red and green. To the silver and blue of the frozen lake collection. And for those with a sweet tooth, the candy cane collection of red and white. Check also Ireland's best range of top quality artificial Xmas trees

What are the most popular Christmas Decorations in Irish homes?

When it comes to the most popular decorations in Irish homes. Typically you would get answers of Christmas lights, Christmas Baubles, Wreaths and Garlands. And of course, Christmas stockings. But over the recent few years, there has been a few items that have been extremely popular with Irish consumers. One recent item has been Christmas tree toppers. Typically, an angel would top the Christmas tree in an Irish home. But recently LED Stars have become popular tree toppers, offering a wonderful light from the top of the tree. Another popular item over the past few years has been Christmas Nutcrackers. These German originating figures have become quite the sight in Irish homes, offering incredible crafted designs with a festive colour. Even Nutcracker “Do it yourself” kits have been a huge hit with families. Another big hit has been Santa figurines and various Christmas plush toys. These wonderfully crafted figures and toys include Santas, Reindeer, Gnomes and more. Perfect for decorating around the home and a huge hit with the kids. These plush toys and figurines are a wonderful addition to your home every Christmas.