Artificial Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas Trees in Ireland? We have the most realistic ones, unlit & prelit! is Ireland's favourite Christmas Trees store. Every year we add more & more new trees to our range! We've handpicked countless varieties and sizes of the most realistic Artificial Christmas Trees money can buy. Choose from Traditional, Slim, Realistic Christmas Trees, or Pre-lit LED Christmas Trees. All of our Xmas trees are carefully selected from Europe and America's top manufacturers in a range of shapes and sizes to suit your home or business for a perfect Christmas.

The best artificial Christmas tree for your family

Picking out your Christmas Tree is one of the many fine traditions every Christmas and every tree stays in the memory of each Xmas in photos and videos. The first step is to know what kind of tree you want and make a decision based on the type of Christmas tree you want, as Christmas Trees come in all shapes and sizes. Do you want a festive tree that’s naturally green or has a wintry white coat? Do you want your Christmas Tree Pre-Lit with lights or unlit? And of course, what size tree best suits your home.

Real or artificial Christmas tree?

Some people will tell you that a real tree s the only way to have a Christmas tree. But at the end of every season, you will be throwing it away. Artificial Christmas trees have come on leaps and bounds from what you may think. Our fake Christmas Trees are built with modern polymer plastics for a realistic look. Our trees also come with a unique hinged construction allowing for easy setup, easy storage and no worries about pieces going missing. Our Artificial Xmas Trees are also designed to be durable and last for years. Giving you peace of mind and less time cleaning needles off the floor.

Pre-Lit Christmas Trees - is it worth to invest in them?

Are you tired with untangling wires every year or buying a packet of lights only to find they won’t wrap around your Christmas Tree. is proud to offer a set of pre-lit Christmas Trees. These Xmas Trees have the lights constructed into the Christmas tree branches and are ready as soon as the tree has been put up. Simply plug in and watch your tree light up. Along with the durability of our fake artificial trees, the lights are made from long-lasting and energy-efficient LED bulbs. So your tree will light up brilliantly for years to come.

Our Christmas Trees is proud to stock a whole host of Artificial Christmas Trees. Covering the length and breadth, we stock both pre-lit artificial Christmas trees and un-lit artificial Xmas trees. Our Trees are easy to assemble, easy to store and feature realistic detail. Our range starts at Mini Trees. These trees are small but packed full of detail. They are perfect for shelves, office desks and kids rooms. We also stock a vast range of 6ft-12ft artificial Xmas trees. We have many shapes and sizes and we have a tree that will fit your home, hotel lobby or office. Our range of LED trees is a wonderful choice for those wanting a minimalistic touch or wanting to enhance their outdoor Christmas displays. And finally, our Pre-Lit Christmas Trees are an amazing solution that combines a brilliant fake tree with pre-arranged long-lasting LED Lightbulbs that will light up your home or business with a wonderful display.

Best Selling Artificial Christmas Trees

Every year we have some models that are extremely popular with customers. The Newberry Spruce has been an exceptionally popular artificial Christmas tree model year after year. Available in pre-lit and unlit forms and in two different sizes. This full-bodied and highly realistic festive tree is a huge hit with our customers and usually sells out very quickly. Another popular Xmas Tree is the Valencia fir. Also available in pre-lit and un-lit configurations. This fir fake Christmas Tree is a superb, realistic tree that is easy to put up and takedown. There are many more Christmas trees to discover online and in our showroom. We can help you to find a Christmas tree to suit your home.

Pro Tips For Decorating Your Artificial Christmas Tree

When it comes to decorating your holiday tree. With our Artificial Christmas Trees, you are part of the way there. They are more durable and designed for use year after year and designed for massive longevity. Make sure to fluff and shape the branches on your artificial Xmas Tree to give yourself the maximum space possible for decorations. Think of a theme so you can match and choose your lights first. A good set of Warm White Christmas lights can look superb on a festive tree but you could opt for a cool white set to help accentuate a cool temperature in the room. Remember the rule of lighting which is 100 lights per foot of tree. Custer your baubles together, not too tightly but focus on the placement so people can see them. Experts recommend around 80 baubles for a 7.5ft tree. So plan around your tree. You can add layers to your artificial Christmas tree with flower picks and ribbons as well. Finally, choose a tree topper that fits your style and use a tree skirt to help hide the tree base. A tree skirt is very handy if you have pets as well. But don't forget to enjoy the experience of decorating your holiday tree every year.

Christmas tree decoration themes

Sometimes you want to mix things up a bit every year. Think about some themes of the season. If you have a white tree. Why not make your own "Candy Cane Tree". Focus on red baubles and ribbons and accentuate the red with tinsel in a striped pattern. With green artificial Christmas trees, you could add some red check pattern or tartan ribbons with some gold baubles and warm white lights for a wonderful spin on a festive tree. Add some beautiful colour to your tree by using some red and white Poinsettia flower picks. Or really bring the feel of a fresh and frosty winter morning with a frosted tip Artificial Tree decorated with white baubles and ribbons. Maybe add some Penguin and Polar Bear plush toys to match! There are endless ways to be inspired this season to really make your holiday tree looking amazing.

Looking for the perfect Christmas Tree? is proud to stock the largest range of unlit Artificial Christmas trees in Ireland.

Pre-Lit Artificial Trees is also proud to stock the largest range of Pre-Lit Xmas trees in Ireland . All of our trees are made with low power, but brightly lit LED Light technology that will ensure your trees glow for many Christmas times to come.

LED Trees

These brightly lit Artificial LED trees are designed to sparkle and with a unique focus on their powerful LED lights on top of their bare branches. Perfect for making a wintry scene. Our trees have durable LED lights, construction and low power consumption.

Need a hand?

If you are having issues finding the perfect tree. Call our showroom on 01 2960212 where a member of our helpful staff will be delighted to assist you.