Red and White: Candy Cane

Candy cane Christmas decorations are a real hit in Ireland! Browse candy cane baubles, sprays & more now!

Are candy cane decorations popular in Ireland?

A delightful colour combination that is popular with customers every year. Our Candy Cane decorations offer a bright, beautiful splash of deep red and brilliant white. Coming in a variety of different styles of stripes and décor. We stock various candy cane Christmas decorations. From beautiful baubles for your Christmas tree to candy cane lollipop sprays to put in your vases and pots. We have a superb selection of candy cane decorations for you. They are a massive hit with customers in our store every year, and for the first time, we are delighted to offer them to you online. So browse our range and add a sweet splash of red and white to your Christmas decorations.

How to decorate a candy cane Christmas tree?

Decorating your Christmas tree with a candy cane theme is a delightful idea. For a start, we offer many matching Christmas baubles. You can pair them with regular red and white baubles to help create a coloured theme. Have some Santa Clause baubles? They also fit perfectly with the theme and create a red and white paradise on your tree. You can even top your tree with a matching spray to cap off your Christmas tree. Don’t forget, if you have a sweet tooth, you can always hang a few real sugar and mint sweets for that authentic mint smell. Speaking of trees, are you on the hunt for a new Christmas tree and want to enhance your Candy cane decor? Check out our frosted and snowy ranges of Christmas trees, like the Snowy Waterford Christmas tree, to add more bright white to help your red and white decorations stand out. And when it comes to Christmas lights, you can pair your  collection with a set of warm white Christmas lights for a beautiful glow. Check also Ireland's best range of top quality artificial Christmas trees.