Nutcracker is a timeless symbol of the Christmas season. Some believe that nutcrackers bring good luck to families and protect the home. Browse our nutcrackers collection in Ireland.

Nutcrackers - A Traditional Symbol of Christmas is proud to offer a wide selection of Nutcracker Christmas decorations. Nutcrackers are a Christmas decoration originating from Germany. The origin of the Nutcracker comes from a tradition in Germany where they were given as gifts to wish good luck every Christmas season. They were further popularized after the Second World War when American soldiers took them home after the war ended and the famous Russian Ballet, The Nutcracker, became popular throughout the world. A typical Nutcracker doll is painted and constructed of wooden joints and typically looks like a soldier or royalty. Most don’t actually have the ability to crack nuts. But they still look amazing in a Christmas display.

How you can incorporate nutcrackers into your Christmas?

Nutcracker dolls are a fantastic addition to your Christmas ensemble. Depending on the size you have many places. Smaller Nutcrackers make for amazing decorations on shelves and mantle pieces. Large Nutcrackers can stand tall on your windowsill or as a table piece. And Extra Large Nutcrackers are perfect for the sides of your doors. The Nutcracker is an incredibly versatile decoration. Especially with the colours and variations that they make a wonderful addition to any Christmas display.