Christmas Tree Lights

Browse's exclusive range of indoor and/or outdoor Christmas Tree Lights. This selection of lighting products is especially suited to decorating your tree. Add extra sparkle and festive cheer to your Christmas tree - Whether you seek flashing twinkle lights or festoon globe-style lights, we have the biggest range, at the best value available for you here.

Various types of Christmas Tree Lights

Here at, we are extremely proud to bring you an exceptional and extensive range of Christmas Tree Lights. Sourced from across Europe. We call all sorts of Christmas lights. From durable and hardy outdoor Xmas lights to indoor battery Christmas lights suitable for trees and shelves. We even unique Christmas Light LED sculptures for superb choice.

How many Christmas Tree Lights do you need

How many Xmas lights you need will likely depend on how you want to decorate. If you have a small office Christmas tree. A pack of 24 LED Christmas battery lights would be ideal. Meanwhile for a large 6-7ft Christmas tree. A larger pack of LED lights like a 1000 pack will be needed.

Indoor & Outdoor Christmas lights decoration ideas

Xmas lights are an incredibly versatile decoration that is not just for trees and outside homes. Our range of battery lights is highly versatile for your needs. From battery-powered LED light thatches for house plants. You can also re-use an old, empty wine bottle, fill it with a small pack of battery lights for a wonderful Christmas table piece.

Learn how to wrap a tree with Christmas lights

Decorating your Christmas tree with lights is a pretty simple task in itself. If you are using a mains powered light, make sure to check the Xmas lights so they are all shining. Then put the cord down the back of help disguise the main wire. Once that is done. Wrap the Christmas lights around the tree in whatever way you want. However, we do recommend that you loop your festive lights to keep them tighter to the tree. Especially if you have young children or pets. You're browsing Ireland's very best selection of indoor/outdoor Xmas tree lights. These festive lights are dedicated to decorating your Christmas tree. Various colours and styles are available. Check also Ireland's best range of top quality artificial Christmas trees.